Hey Upstarts,

In case you missed our Farm Compliance webinar last week, I wanted to fill you in on some info. First and foremost, while the webinar recording is only available to those who registered for the event, you aren’t totally out of luck. As is tradition, Upstart Farmers get first access to updates and announcements. So, I wanted to let you all know that the Farm Compliance webinar content is going to become available as a premium Upstart University course in a few weeks.¬†

If you missed the webinar and didn’t get the recording, you will be able to still get access to all the really detailed and valuable information Nicole from AgriForaging, Inc. presented.

Nicole was so kind to provide us with a wealth of incredibly coveted information regarding farm compliance. Throughout this process, it has become very clear that Nicole is an expert and that her services and resources are top-notch.

Therefore, I am happy to say that AgriForaging, Inc. is Bright Agrotech’s official recommendation¬†for farm compliance consultation. Nicole is well aware of what all you amazing Upstart Farmers do, and the special challenges you face. She is prepared to help you work through all elements of your farm compliance process including HACCP, GAP, FSMA, Food Safety, Food Defense Planning, Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures, and even Organic certification!

You can get in touch with Nicole by visiting www.agriforaging.com or by emailing her at agriforaging@gmail.com.