Kula Urban Farm Does More Than Just Grow Food

Story on blog.brightagrotech.com

Kula Urban Farm serves a low-income community in Asbury Park, New Jersey. The farm runs job training programs and connects the community in an inspiring way.

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This Flatpack 2-Story Farm Is Designed To Pop Up On Empty Lots

Story on fastcoexist.com

A farm in a shipping container that you can assemble yourself.

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From N16 to SW9:

Story on modernfarmer.com

How London’s Urban Farmers are cultivating the city


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A Glimpse Into The Future Of Agriculture

Story on fastcoexist.com

Experimenting with aquaponics and low-water plants, The Growing Experience is an example of how future farmers can hack together a better, more local food system.

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Innovation is blooming at water-wise urban farms

Story in Los Angeles Times

As California moves through it’s fourth summer of drought, this urban farm is providing a creative approach to growing food.

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Innovative Islanders

Story on jimessenger.com

Brian Evans is giving back by providing his community with healthy food.

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