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Define: Upstart Farmer

Define: Upstart Farmer


    1. A driven anThe Upstart farmers network is an innovative group of commercial using ZipGrow technology. These food producers seek to supply better food for their local markets with sustainable, efficient growing techniques and hard work.

      1. Commercial food producer

        1. “Ever since my town got an Upstart Farmer we’ve gained access to truly local, healthy food at prices competitive with big chain grocery stores.”

      2. Impact-conscious grower

      3. Grows food using innovative and efficient techniques

      4. Transparent, local farmer

        1. “My local Upstart Farmer grows in ways I didn’t even know were possible and the best part is she’s completely transparent about how she grows our food!”

      5. [Becoming an] expert hydroponic grower

      6. A farmer making an impact and a living by growing with a purpose

        1. “As an Upstart Farmer, I take great pride in my commitment to improving people’s lives with fresher, healthier food.”


Transparent, volumetric farmer, innovative, hydroponic producer


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