Who, What, and Why?


The Upstart Farmers Network is a rapidly growing group of modern farmers leveraging practical technology to grow smarter food!

What makes someone an Upstart Farmer?

Driven by a set of core values, Upstart Farmers serve their local markets fresher, more transparent produce, grown in new, unique, and sustainable ways.

By leveraging this style of vertical plane production, Upstart Farmers think about how to increase their production and getting more from their existing resources, while managing their labor costs.

Within the Upstart Farmers Network, farmers can trade ideas, swap mistakes, and learn how to grow their businesses by the same values which drive their purpose and success.

Want more? Read our Manifesto!



Upstart Farmer's Manifesto

A Community of Modern Farmers

Because we sincerely care about the success of each of our farmers, we developed the Upstart Farmers Network and online community.

The Upstart Farmer Network and Community:

  • Is a place for Upstart Farmers to interact with each other in a secure manner.
  • Provides a platform for farmers to share their unique experiences, stories, ideas, questions, etc.
  • Allows farmers to build off of each other’s successes.

Since Upstart Farming is a unique agricultural model, the best opportunities to learn exist within the community.