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How Do ZipGrow Towers Reduce Waste and Add Value?


Live Sales: The Future of Food Distribution

Why Buy Live?

When you get living, unharvested produce you’re getting the freshest, healthiest produce money can buy. Grown by small, local (usually startup!) farmers, live produce keeps growing right up until it’s harvested- by you. You know that this produce didn’t sit on a truck or a shelf for days or weeks. This produce is fresh. Not even today-fresh. Right now fresh.

Why is Living Produce Important?

Besides the health benefits, live sales supports local farmers. Land prices are becoming too high for young, independent farmers to get started. By growing with these towers, small farmers are able to get a start. For a much smaller investment, they’re able to start growing, and expanding organically- supported by their local market. If you care about small-family owned agriculture, then you should care about live produce.

How is this better for the environment?

Live food is inherently Local food. When you buy live food you’re typically purchasing food that was grown within 10-20 miles of your location, if not less. By growing locally we’re able to cut out most of the fossil fuel consumption associated with transporting products across the country, or even across the state.

How Does Live Sales Reduce Waste?

Live food also reduces the amount of packaging, handling, and waste associated with food distribution. We don’t use boxes, or clamshells or even baggies to get the produce from the greenhouse to your market, so you can rest assured that this is the most low-impact, sustainable product on the market. Not to mention the tastiest. When you buy produce live, you can harvest as much as you need. No more, no less. Gone are the days when you had to buy more than you needed, only to have your produce go to waste. The live sales experience is scalable to your needs. Harvest exactly what you want.

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