Fable: From Farm to Table

Croton on Hudson, NY

About Fable: From Farm to Table

Fable: From Farm to Table is located in New York’s beautiful and historic Hudson Valley. With many consumers valuing high quality and nutritious food, it makes growing in this area fun and exciting.

Fable was started by Tom Deacon, a native of Westchester County. While making an effort to eat healthier, Tom began to notice that fresh, locally-grown produce was often not available in nearby grocery stores. After researching food sources, as well as additional ingredients and pesticides used in creating the produce found in stores, Tom developed Fable. Along with the help of his brother, John, they began talking to restaurants, grocery stores, and people within the community.

Nothing but the best in Hudson Valley, NY

With that information in hand, Fable began to produce the high quality, fresh, delicious, local produce that was very much in demand by the local community.

Fable now has the ability to hold a Farm Stand as well as accommodate a full size farmers’ market. After receiving many requests for tours, Fable now hosts farm tours for community members and student groups. Tom believes that by increasing this awareness and delivering healthy and nutritious produce, Fable can have a positive impact on the community and environment.

“Not only can we provide our community with fresh, delicious produce, but they can truly know where their food came from. People seem to love the idea of hydroponics and we are more than happy to show them how it works.  

We are using Zipgrow Towers because they are the most efficient and effective way of growing produce, whether you are growing in or out of soil. By growing vertically we are saving space, making harvesting easier, and getting delicious produce to our customers faster.” – Tom Deacon

Fable: From Farm to Table

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