~This post was originally published August 28, 2015.~

Hey Upstart Farmers!

Every person here at Bright Agrotech – myself included – speaks with several growers each day, and I’ve noticed that almost ALL of their problems have already been solved.

So why do they keep calling? you might ask.

Because they don’t know where to find that existing solution. As always, I love directing people to their solution and seeing them succeed once they have found it! But in the back of my mind I always have a lurking question…

Are there farmers out there who don’t call? And don’t know that there is a solution to their problem?! This question concerns me because I know that for the guy who’s managing 100 or 200 ZipGrows, having an unsolved problem can cost a lot, ultimately slowing them down and causing stress.

Is that you?

This is why I want to make sure that all of you know about our huge library of resources that answer your questions and solve your problems from the practical standpoint of someone who has been in your shoes. We produce videos, written content, and podcasts. Today I’d like to introduce you to the hub of our written content: the Bright Agrotech Blog.

To date, the Bright Agrotech Blog – a collection of how-to’s, guides, and lessons for Upstarts and aspiring Upstarts – has 256 articles published. I know that this can be overwhelming, so I’ve broken them down into categories for you.

Here are 4 categories that I know you’ll find useful:

1 –Plumbing.

This category is has articles on flow rates, solids removal, water use efficiency, and more.

2 – Business.

This category holds a diverse collection of market advice, management principles that could help your business, as well as announcements on helpful webinars and interviews.

3 –Hydroponics. 

The hydroponics category is basically an online book, split up into articles that will help any hydroponics grower (and especially Upstart Farmers) manage their hydroponics system efficiently, affordably, and with as little stress as possible!

4 – Upstart Farmers. 

Your fellow Upstarts can offer advice, support, and spark your imagination with what they are doing. In this category you can find announcements, blurbs, and USF-specific advice.

(By the way – when an Upstart Farmer is featured on the Bright Agrotech Blog, we share that article like crazy! A featured blog post is a great way to make connections and get attention for your farm. AND we love writing them! If you would like a featured post, let us know, and we’ll get right on it!)

If you’re interested in finding quality information to help you run a farm, check out the Bright Agrotech Blog.

Have a great week!