~This post was originally published October 23, 2015.~

The Indoor System Launch is coming up!

I’m having a hard time containing my excitement about this… next week we’ll be launching our indoor system, the ZipFarm. 

It’s mobile, more automated than anything we’ve ever made, and in my humble opinion, the absolute MOST convenient commercial system for that we’ve ever designed. R&D really killed it on this.

We’ve been bragging on the indoor system in these Youtube videos for a couple weeks now, so you can imagine the anticipation of actually getting this into people’s warehouses, greenhouses, and urban farms. 

And we will be leaking images and videos to you early. We would love for you to help us get the word out about this BIG launch!

If you want more info, call us! (307) 288-1188

Welcome Lee Speigel and Pulaski Grow!

Another inspiring thing happening this week is the launch of Pulaski Grow, the result of Lee Spiegels’ hard work and determination. If you’re interested in seeing a farm with a big community impact, check out what Lee is doing.

“Pulaski Grow operates a workforce readiness training program for youth ages 14 to 18 inside a working aquaponics and hydroponics business.  The business allows youth to gain hands on work experience while practicing many of their soft job skills.

An aquaponics business was a perfect fit because it meets the need for year round, healthy, local produce, provides a way to sustain the non-profit training program and offers a wide and unique skill set for trainees.  In addition to youth training, Pulaski Grow also offers workshops for adults on aquaponic growing and encourages volunteer participation with both training and growing.”

Read more about this farm.

“Special thanks to…”

Who supported you as you started your farm?

Wasn’t that person great? 

Time to pass it on. We have a super low-time way for you to do it, too. 

  1. Put this badge on your site. What this will do is show people that there is education for them to help them get their own farm off the ground. This means a LOT to people who are stuck in the “dream” zone!
    (Click for larger versions and/or html code)
  • Put the badge on your site. Why am I listing this twice? Because it’s REALLY IMPORTANT to future USFs! And it will take you about 60 seconds.


  • If I can’t appeal to your obligation to fellow USFs, maybe this sad kitten will help:

  • Email Halle (halle@brightagrotech.com) to get a link for the badge. That way you can see just how many future farmers you’re helping! 


As always, it’s a pleasure to be working and collaborating with you, Upstart Farmers. 

Have a great week!