~ This post was originally published July 2, 2015.~

Something to think about: Water conservation for the farmers of the future

As Upstarts, you already have a head start on water conservation in farming. With the pressure of the California drought and the forecasts of water scarcity and a crowded earth, water conservation practices are changing faster than ever. These changes will impact common growing techniques and farming standards as well as the markets to which you sync your farm. It’s a good idea to think about what these changes will mean for you in the future.

Read about how we think water conservation will change farming and the supply chain.

Did you miss the webinar on funding through Kiva Zip?

Kiva Zip is a peer-to-peer lending site. Several people we know have used/are using Kiva Zip right now, and it’s a good option if you wish to secure a small loan of up to 10k. This is a great option is you want to expand your operation, get a delivery vehicle, upgrade your growing environment, hire new people, etc.

Lucky for you, we recorded the webinar and you Upstart can access it on Youtube for free. Here you go!

Have you been thinking about cooling walls?

If you’ve been looking for a way to cool your greenhouse but aren’t familiar enough with cooling walls to make the investment, then let us introduce you. In this video, Dr. Nate explains how the cooling wall works. You can even build your own for cheap!