~ This post was originally published July 16, 2015. ~

Homemade Cooling Walls 

In this video, Nate shows off Haydn’s cooling wall at Bayberry Fresh. If you are looking for a less expensive option to buying a cooling wall, you can build your own like this one. It’s pretty simple!

IPM Tips from Meredith Pratt 

Meredith Pratt, an IPM manager at Red Sun Farms (an organic tomato operation with several locations) gave us five great tips on how to build and maintain an integrated pest management system. You can read her tips on the blog, here.

Aquaponics Academy Episode 18: Phosphorus and the Micronutrients

For those of you who use aquaponics, you might find this podcast helpful. In episode 18, Nate goes through Phosphorus and the micronutrients, explains what each does for the plant, what deficiencies look like, and how to supplement each one.

See the show notes here.

The Immediate Future of Food 

Everyone is aware of how the population will grow by the year 2050. But do we understand what that means for tomorrow? Or next year? We believe that the first step in feeding 9.6 Billion people fifty years from now is growing in underutilized spaces right now.

Read more about what Chris Michael has to say on this.

How will we live tomorrow? 

Paul Fallon is cycling across the country, and made a quick jaunt through Laramie and Fort Collins. We got to meet him at our downtown green wall, and he also stopped by Haydn’s farm down in Fort Collins. You can read about his visit on his site and see his interview with Nate on our Youtube channel.