Hey Upstarts, 

We’ve been hinting at a big new product for a while now. The time has come for the exclusive unveil for you Upstart Farmers!

It’s time for Bright Agrotech to expand… into software!

We’re releasing a new software, tailored to you!

Chris Lukenbill has been working hard on the software for over a year now. I can’t tell you all of the specifics, but I can tell you that it’s going to have:

  • account management aspects
  • planting and harvesting schedules
  • built-it content

We’ll be giving a sneak peek during tomorrow’s webinar.

Don’t miss it! If you haven’t signed up for the webinar yet, be sure to do that now. If you can’t attend the webinar itself, you will be sent a recording so that you can see it on your own time. 

Just a reminder – the webinar will be covering automatic dosing of hydroponic systems. For a primer on auto-dosing, check out this post. You can read answers to some common questions about autodosing here.

Need a 2-Tower Farm Wall?

If you’re thinking of getting a 2-Tower Farm Wall for a display, a gift, or a test system, you can save $80 next week! To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’re offering two free T5 light rods with each 2-Tower Farm Wall. 

You don’t need a coupon code for this sale; the light rods will be automatically added if you buy the Farm Wall. 


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  • There’s a reason – several, actually – that we strongly argue for vertical plan production over stacked plane production. We’ve addressed a few of those reasons in recent videos. This week, Dr. Nate explains how workflow and labor impacts the decision between vertical and horizontal planes. 
  • Welcome a new Upstart Farmer! The Growing Experience Farm has some really interesting projects going on. If you’re looking for ideas on getting involved with your community, I recommend checking Jimmy Ng and The Growing Experience out!
  • Many of you know Jason Arnold, a new farmer here at Bright Agrotech who is passionate about job creation and urban farming. He’s passionate about vocational work versus college, and has written several thoughtful pieces that question the way that popular culture approaches higher education. Check out his recent post, “Do You Have to Go To College To Be Successful?” for a refreshing dose of perspective! 
  • Watch out for Jason’s next post this Friday morning.