~This post was originally published August 13, 2015. ~

Hey Upstarts! We hope that your week has been wonderful. 

Here’s what the rest of the community has been up to. 

Welcome Fable, New Upstart Farmer!

Tom and John Deacon are officially open for business! Their farm, Fable:From Farm to Table, is discussing sales with restaurants near it’s location in Hudson, New York.

Tom Deacon started Fable with the desire to see fresh, locally-grown produce in nearby grocery stores. After researching food sources, as well as additional ingredients and pesticides used in creating the produce found in stores, Tom developed Fable. Along with the help of his brother, John, they began talking to restaurants, grocery stores, and people within the community.

Read more about Fable and Tweet at him to welcome him to the community!

New Commercial Product To Be Unveiled Soon

If you saw our recent video, you saw a sneak peek of us testing out our soon-to-come commercial product. We can’t wait to launch the product in September; it’s intuitive, easy, and we think it’s going to make farmers’ lives much easier. 

The product, which hasn’t been formally named yet, is a mobile rack built for use in warehouses, garages, or greenhouses. Two rows of towers standing back-to-back rest in gutters which span cross structures at different heights, making drainage easy. The commercial rack will be sold for 5- or 7-foot towers and stands at under 9 feet tall so that it can be used in a garage or home.

Look for the commercial rack next month!

If you want more information (or just want to stay up-to-date) on this, email sean@brightagrotech.com, and he can give you updates!

What is Galactic Farms up to?

Each of you Upstarts have unique visions, so you all grow in different ways. 

I recently got to visit Jeff Pernell at Galactic Farms and see how Galactic is growing. In addition to building a new indoor system, Jeff and his family are planning on opening a B&B with an agritourism focus.

“People know about Missoula being the ‘garden city’ of Montana, so they come here to see where food comes from anyway. …I’ll be able to bring people to the residence, have them stay in the bed and breakfast, eat the food that is grown locally, and then give tours of small intense gardens, both indoor and outdoor.”

See more here.

Help us remove a roadblock.

We like to answer your questions. Will you help us out? Tell us about the most confusing legal issues that your farm has encountered. We’ll take those issues, find as many solutions as possible, and then report back to you. This helps you and future Upstarts. Thanks!